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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are frequently asked questions separated by each EasyStand Model:     

General FAQ:

How long does it take to put an EasyStand together?
Depending on the EasyStand and the EasyStand accessories ordered, it may take 30-60 minutes to put together your EasyStand. It is fairly easy, but you can refer to the
Assembly section of our website for detailed assembly videos showing how to put your EasyStand together our call our customer service department if you have any questions. If you need an Owner's Manual for any of our products, you can download it off of the appropriate product page of our website.

We have limited funds to purchase an EasyStand. Do you have any EasyStand samples for sale at a discount?
Occasionally we have slightly used EasyStand demonstration models available from EasyStand representatives at a significant discount. All demo models come with full warranties just like new models. Please contact us and let us know that you are interested in purchasing an EasyStand demo.

If I am unsure if I need a certain option, can I add it to my EasyStand later?
All products are modular and have many options and accessories available that can be added to your EasyStand at any time. However, some options may cost more if you order them after your initial EasyStand stander purchase. Please contact us for pricing on specific off-unit accessories.

What is the lead-time for your products?
Our average delivery time on all EasyStand Standing Frames is 2 weeks. Parts orders are generally shipped out within 24 hours. New products will be longer initially. Please confirm delivery time when you are placing your order.

Do you rent standers? Do you know who does?
No, we do not rent Standing Frames at this time. We believe that the greatest benefits will be achieved by standing long-term, rather than a short period of time. We apologize if this may cause you any inconvenience.

Do you sell EasyStand's internationally? does not sell any of our products outside of the US. However if you are located in a Canadian or Mexican city near the US border, we have made special circumstances to have products shipped to equipment depots located near the border. You are legally required to pay any import taxes your country may impose. For further questions please contact our customer service at 800-385-6220.

Where is the serial number on my EasyStand?
On most EasyStand standers the serial number is located directly under the seat on a white 1" x 3" sticker. On the StrapStand the serial number is located under the removable black cap between the footplates. Serial Numbers can also be found in the front of the owner's manual.

I need to order a part for an EasyStand product. How do I go about doing that?
Please refer to the
Replacement Parts section of our website to get a price quote. We will need the serial number of your EasyStand, which is located under the seat on the Evolv and Bantam. Pricing may be slightly higher for options that are ordered off-unit.

Who is responsible for assembling my EasyStand when it arrives?
All EasyStands are shipped to your home or business partially assembled. All models come with specific directions on how to finish assembly. You can also refer to our
Assembly section for detailed videos guiding you through the process. If purchasing a Demo model, the unit will come fully assembled to your home or business.

I have a complete injury and can't stand on my own. Can I still use your products?
Yes, our products are designed for individuals who cannot stand on their own and use a wheelchair for mobility. We have
sit to stand standers that you can transfer into (either independently or by assisted transfer) and also a strap stand that will lift you right out of your wheelchair. Even if you have a disability that requires more support, we can accommodate with our modular EasyStand products. However, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor or physical therapist before standing.

How should I clean my EasyStand?
Use mild soap, warm water and a damp wash cloth. Do not spray the unit with a large amount of water, this will cause it to hold water and may start to rust.

I am missing my Owner's Manual. How can I get another one?
You can download any Owner's Manuals you need from the appropriate product page. It will include assembly instructions, fitting instructions, and parts diagrams. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can also
email or call our Customer Service (800)385-6220 and we can mail one to you.

What is the warranty on EasyStand products?

  • The warranty on the EasyStand Bantam is five years on the steel frame, two years on the spring lifting mechanism, and ninety days on all other parts.
  • The warranty on the EasyStand Evolv line of standers is five years on the steel frame, two years on the hydraulic pump, and ninety days on all other parts. The warranty on Pow'r Up Lift is two years on the actuator and hand pendant, and ninety days on the control box, battery, and battery charger.
  • The warranty on the EasyStand StrapStand is five years on the steel frame, two years on the hydraulic pump, and ninety days on all other parts.
  • The warranty on the EasyStand 5000 Series is five years on the frame, two years on the hydraulic actuator and 90 days on the upholstery and other components. (discontinued product)


Did we answer your question? If not, email us. We will get back to you with the answer, and may even add your question to the FAQ's!


What options are available that makes transferring into the Evolv easier?
Swing Away Front option provides full access to the seat, allowing additional room for transferring; with the Rotating Seat option, the seat surface turns to accommodate people who require an assistive transfer. The Transfer Seat provides a larger surface for lateral transfers and the Removable Back allows easier access for patient lift transfers. Pictures and descriptions of all these items are located in the “options” of each product page.

What kind of back comes on the EasyStand Evolv Stander?
There is no back standard on the EasyStand Evolv. You must choose a
back option from the “options” section of the product page.

Can I adjust the height of the Evolv Seat?
No, the height of the seat on the Evolv Medium and Large is fixed at 21" from floor to seat. Height adjustments can be made to the foot plate and tray to achieve the proper fit.

Do casters come standard with the EasyStand Evolv?
Yes. Two 5" locking casters & two 5" front wheels come standard on the Evolv.

Can I get a powered lift instead of a manual hydraulic lift?
Yes, the Evolv is available with the optional
Pow'r Up Lift that brings the user to the standing position with the touch of a button.

What is the difference between the Shadow Tray and the Extra Deep Shadow Tray?
The Shadow Tray Extra Deep does not have a larger tray; it has a deeper depth adjustment for people who carry more weight around the mid-section. The Shadow Tray depth adjustment range from chest pad to the back is 6"-14" and the extra deep adjustment range is 10"-18".

Do you make a stander for someone over 280 lbs?
Yes, the
EasyStand Evolv XT is for individuals up to 350lbs and up to 6'10" tall. It comes with all the same standing options available as the Evolv.

Can a person transfer into the EasyStand Evolv with a Hoyer-type Lift?
Yes, the EasyStand Evolv works well with various types of patient lifts, including a Hoyer-type lift. The open frame allows a lift to be positioned under the back legs of the frame. A
Swing-Away Front option is available that provides full access to the seat for assisted transfers.


How can I transfer my child into the EasyStand Bantam?                                                                        
Transferring a child into the Bantam often requires only one caregiver even for more involved kids. The three
Bantam transferring methods commonly used are Lateral seat-to-seat transfer, supine flat-to-load transfer and supine flat-to-load with flexion transfer.

What is the advantage of supine standing?                                                                                                     
Although upright standing is a more natural position, therapists may prescribe supine standers for their clients who have poor head and trunk control. A supine stander may also make transferring easier in the flat to load position. The EasyStand Bantam is a practical transition stander because it can be used as a bridge from supine standing to sit to stand as a child's abilities progress.

What colors is the Bantam stander available in?
The Bantam is available in your choice of red or blue frame, and black upholstery.

How can the Bantam make a lifetime of standing achievable and affordable?
The EasyStand Bantam makes a
lifetime of standing achievable and affordable by allowing a small child to start standing in a supine position then progress to the preferred sit-to-stand method as they grow taller & heavier.

Can I order a Mobile option on my EasyStand Bantam?
Yes, we offer a Mobile Option on the Bantam Extra Small and Small. If your child can push a manual wheelchair, then they can propel the Bantam Mobile Option.

What's the difference between the gas spring lift and the hydraulic pump for the Bantam?
The gas spring lift comes standard with the unit. A parent or therapist would push a button with their foot and then gradually lift the stander into the desired position. With the hydraulic pump option, the child can stand independently if they are able. Several short pumps, using the pump handle, will bring the stander to the desired position.

Are the foot plates the same size on both the Bantam Extra Small and Small?
No. The extra small foot plates are 7 3/4" L x 3 3/8" W and the small are 9 3/4" L x 4 1/4" W

Can a Bantam Small Positioning Belt or Chest Strap be used on a Bantam Extra Small?
Yes, these specific options can be added to either a Bantam Small or Bantam Extra Small.

What is the difference between the standard kneepads and the multi-adjustable kneepads on the Bantam?
Standard kneepads only adjust in depth. Multi-adjustable kneepads adjust in depth, height, width and swivel.

Can I order extra small parts for the Bantam Small or small parts for the Bantam Extra Small?
Even though it will attach to the unit, we do not recommend it and it may cause the unit and options to be less adjustable. The seat and back of the Bantam are design to work specifically with the corresponding sized parts.

Why do the hip supports on my Bantam Extra Small run into the knee pads when in the standing position?
When the Bantam is in the shortest seat depth, the knee pads may have to be adjusted in height so that they do not hit the hip supports. To adjust the height of the knee pads, use the adjustment holes located on the back of the knee pads.

How can I achieve a wider degree of abduction in the Bantam?
Swapping the Bantam footplates allows for an additional degree of abduction while standing. Simply loosen the footplate ratchet handle & slide the footplate off of the frame on each side, then slide the footplate back onto the opposite side and re-tighten the ratchet handle. From there you can adjust the kneepads to a wider setting & if the unit includes a Comfy Seat, slightly flatten the contoured part of the seat. This is just one more example of how the Bantam can fit the needs of clients with a variety of abilities.


Can I add a Glider to my Standard Evolv unit?
The Evolv and the Glider are completely different units. To retrofit the Glider front would be very difficult and costly; therefore we do not offer this as an option.

What benefits will I receive from the Glider over the EasyStand Evolv?
You will get
active standing over passive standing. Active standing will give you upper body strengthening and improved range of motion.

How do I adjust the tension?
The resistance cylinders have markings from 1 to 12 with 1 being the lowest. You need to twist the top of each cylinder to adjust the tension. You can also disengage the cylinders for no tension at all.

Do you have a version of the Glider that is for kids?
The Medium Glider is available for kids 4'0"-5'6" and up to 200 lbs.

What is the best way to transfer into the Glider?
We have found that there are a number of ways people transfer into the Glider. One way is to bring your chair at a slight angle alongside the Glider, secure the wheel locks on your chair, scoot up to the front of your chairs seat, place the inside leg into the footplate on the other side of the Glider and than transfer over. The leg should go right into place. Another way is to again come along side the Glider and transfer onto the Glider seat and then bring the legs back. We have learned that no one way is right and after a week’s use of the Glider the user tends to create their own technique.

Can quadriplegics use the EasyStand Glider?
Yes they can. Many have done so with some minor alterations. Others have a caretaker or assistant help to move the Glide handles to create leg movement.


How do I tell which size strap would work best for me?
We have a
StrapStand Size Chart that uses the client's waist size and height measurement to determine the appropriate strap size.

What comes standard on the EasyStand StrapStand?
The "Standard" StrapStand comes with two 3" casters, two 4" wheels, footplates, kneepad, hydraulic actuator with handle, no-tray chest pad, black upholstery, and charcoal frame. Lifting strap must be purchased as an option. The "Classic" StrapStand comes with all of the above but also includes a lifting strap and Black Molded Tray.

What support options are available with the EasyStand StrapStand?
Upper Body Support Strap can be ordered to offer additional support, as well as 4 different strap sizes. View all StrapStand support and positioning options in the “options” section of the product page. If you need more support, the EasyStand Evolv may be more appropriate.

Is a power option available on the EasyStand StrapStand?
Not at this time. A
Pow'r Up Lift option is available on the EasyStand Evolv.

What is the difference between the EasyStand with a sit to stand seat vs. the strap stand?
With the EasyStand sit to stand seat, the patient would transfer (or be transferred with the help of an assistant, sliding board, or lift) to the seat to stand up. A solid seat would bring the patient to standing after they are positioned in the EasyStand. With the
StrapStand, a strap is positioned underneath the patient in their wheelchair, then the patient brings their wheelchair close to the stander, attaches the strap to the stander, and pumps the lift handle to stand. No transfer is necessary.

How do I know if the EasyStand solid seat or strap stand is a better stander for my client?
If you have a patient who needs more support, the EasyStand is probably the best choice because of all the support options available. A patient who does not need side supports, head support, etc, and prefers to
stand directly from their wheelchair, may find the StrapStand to be a better choice. Otherwise, it is personal preference. Some people like the sit-to-stand seat design of the EasyStand because a solid seat brings them to standing. For people who do not want to transfer, the StrapStand gives them that option. Because of transferring issues common in nursing homes and long term care facilities, the EasyStand StrapStand tends to be the best choice for most nursing home residents.

What makes the StrapStand better than other strap standers?
What makes the
EasyStand StrapStand a superior product is the lifting design. The specially designed lifting arms of the EasyStand gently raise, and then gradually pull the user into standing position, reducing knee pressure. Other strap standers push the user forward while lifting, causing excessive pressure on the knees. The excessive knee pressure caused by other strap standers often discourages patients from standing. With the EasyStand StrapStand, knee pressure is not an issue.

What is the warranty on the EasyStand StrapStand?
The warranty is 5 years on the steel frame, 2 year on the hydraulic pump, and 90 days on all other parts.

What if my wheelchair is too wide to use the EasyStand StrapStand?
You can purchase the
Swing-Out Legs option to allow for larger wheelchairs (range of approx. 38") to access the EasyStand StrapStand. This option may also be useful when lifting a client from another surface such as a bed or chair.


Did we answer your question? If not, email us. We will get back to you with the answer, and may even add your question to the FAQ's!