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"An awesome piece of equipment! It gave Robert his independence! I looked for a mobile stander that would give him the support he needed to navigate it himself, and the Evolv Mobile did that. It strengthens and stretches his muscles and just feels good to stand and be out of the wheelchair. He can make eye contact with peers and as he grows taller so will the stander."
Laurie V., Parent of Robert
Taunton, MN

"I was able to test the EasyStand while attending the Rehab Institute of Michigan’s extensive spinal cord impatient research program. It was extremely helpful for someone in a paraplegic state, allowing the ability to stand, weight bear, and increase circulation, which is critical to decreasing risks of blood clots and other associated risks inherent with being a T-6 Paraplegic."
James P.
Camas, WA

"I love the way that the EasyStand Evolv Youth holds my son securely in place and is easy for him to operate. It has a table top so that he can do homework or any other activity while standing. I believe being in the standing position will stimulate his mind and strengthen his leg muscles and bones. Outstanding, secure, just an all out great stander!"
Echol H., Parent
Atlanta, GA

"David has not stood for over a year. I put his EasyStand Evolv together and adjusted it myself. He was standing that evening smiling from ear to ear, something that he has not done in a while either! Thank you."
Lisa D., Wife
Fithian, IL

"With the Evolv Glider not only do I get a nice workout, but I feel like I am ten feet tall! It’s been such a long time since I stood that I forgot how far off the ground my head was. Compact, clean, easy to use, great looking piece of equipment."
Donald R.
Burlingame, CA

 "It’s nice to be able to stand and look people in the eyes when talking to them. These products are designed, and built to be user friendly. EasyStand provides good weight bearing and pressure relief, and is comfortable and simple to adjust. Caster wheels make it is easy to move around. Only stander that I have ever used."
Brian C.
Armada, MI

"I noticed that standing and using the Glider has strengthened my bones and muscles and decrease the problems that I was having with hypotension. A sturdy, well made machine. "
Jason B.
Lovington, IL