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We make getting quotes fast and easy.

If you are affiliated with a School System or Hospital System and in need of a formal quote for a bid submission process, then you have come to the right place.

When you provide us with all of the following information we guarantee that you will receive a formal quote within 2 business days.

  1. Name and Contact info of person/organization requesting quote.
  2. Model of EasyStand and list of all accessories you require on the quote
  3. How you would like the quote to be sent (email/fax/mail)
  4. Delivery and billing address
  5. Form of payment (credit card or purchase order)

Not positive about what accessories you need? No problem.

We have been providing quotes and Easystand products to different school/hospital organizations for years and are able to help you choose the correct accessories for your specific application. Just give one of our experts a call at (800) 385-6220 and they will walk you through the process.

ALSO! Are you a non-profit school or organization? You may be eligible for a significant discount off your Easystand. Please call for more information.